I’ve always loved the arts, to entertain, to make people laugh, to write songs, to sing and to teach and I have done so for over 30 years of which 16 professionally. My clients can count on me for a good work ethic, professionalism, attention to detail, timely delivery and a sense of fun. I followed my dream. It wasn’t easy, it took time but I’m tenacious and my dream came true. I’m now presenting on the radio, doing voiceovers, teaching, doing TV and radio appearances and making a living out of what I love.

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Bands In The Boudoir: Episode 3 – Jim Bows

On the latest episode of my Bands in the Boudoir Podcast, I chat to Jim Bows of Jim Bows and the Flycatchers.

The Power Of Music And Voice: Episode 4 – Chez Annetts

Episode 4 of The Power Of Music And Voice sees me chat to Chez Annetts about her personal story.

The Power of Music and Voice: Episode 1 – My Story

Find out all about me and how music made me the person I am today on my first ever podcast.

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New Books and a One-Woman Theatre Show

I’ve been writing two new books and a one-woman theatre show based on one of the books. Find out more here.

Country Legends, New Album Update and Cuckoos is Back

News on my Country Legends radio show, my fourth studio album and the return of my Cuckoos classes.

Have you picked up the reissued Children’s Bluegrass Album?

Lynne has reissued her Children’s Bluegrass album. Have you picked up your copy?


Lynne’s love for music is contagious and inspires you to put more time into your music. Her patience and soft skills are astounding.


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