Country Legends, New Album Update and Cuckoos is Back

The next two Country legends that I talk about on my Country Legends show are Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. I’m still trying to get an interview with Dolly who is my all-time hero but it’s proving a tough task as I’m just small fry in the big scheme of things regards interviews however, you never know. Always the optimist. Wouldn’t that be a great interview for the Boudoir? In any case, my documentary-style show won’t disappoint. You will be able to hear all about both Kenny and Dolly’s lives and hear their wonderful music. I hope you can tune in. It airs on 11th June at 8pm on

The recording of my fourth studio album has had to be pushed back due to some health curveballs that have been thrown at me but it’s something to look forward to hopefully in the autumn. Meanwhile I have plenty of songs to be finishing in preparation for it so it’s still very exciting

Finally, I’m now back to running my ukulele classes with the CUCKOOS actually in person! It was so good to have our first Thursday meet last week and the Monday meet on 24th. May we continue to head for further ease of restrictions. So good for everyone.

I still continue providing music workshops for adults and children with learning difficulties although it’s been online because of the pandemic but it’s still been super fun.