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I’m a quirky, glass half full character by nature with a warm and seductive tone to my voice. I’m also very versatile due to the fact I’m a professional singer and yodeller. I have a home studio and I’m easy to direct, fun and very professional to work with. I’m available for E-learning, Animation, ADR, Games, Audio Book, Commercial, Narrative, Voice of God and any singing parts. If you think my voice is right for your project please do get in touch.

More audio reels will be available soon.​


  • General Standard Southern British English, RP, Gen Am


  • One to one acting coaching for 8 weeks with Stephane Cornicard
  • Intro to lip Synching/dubbing course beginner and advanced with Stephane Cornicard,
  • Introduction to voice over training with Gravy for the Brain
  • Voiceover training with Rachael Naylor
  • Decoding Video Game Auditions Sides with Tom Keegan
  • How to win the Audition with Elley Ray Hennessy
  • Creating an Audition that pops with Sarah jane Sherman
  • Character Creation for Video Games and Beyond with Neil Kaplan
  • Gen Am accent training with Paul Meier
  • Setting Up Home Studio with Gravy for the Brain
  • Masterclass: How to Book the Job – Video Game Audition Sides
  • Ongoing training with the Voiceover Network and Gravy for the Brain

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