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I’m a quirky, glass half full character by nature with a warm and seductive tone to my voice. It’s also a very versatile due to the fact I’m a professional singer and yodeller. I have a home studio and I’m easy to direct, fun and very professional to work with. I’m available for E-learning, Animation, ADR, Games, Audio Book, Commercial, Narrative, Voice of God and any singing parts. I If you think my voice is right for your project please do get in touch.


  • General Standard Southern British English, RP, Gen Am


  • One to one acting coaching for 8 weeks with Stephane Cornicard
  • Intro to lip Synching/dubbing course beginner and advanced with Stephane Cornicard,
  • Introduction to voice over training with Gravy for the Brain
  • Voiceover training with Rachael Naylor
  • Decoding Video Game Auditions Sides with Tom Keegan
  • How to win the Audition with Elley Ray Hennessy
  • Creating an Audition that pops with Sarah jane Sherman
  • Character Creation for Video Games and Beyond with Neil Kaplan
  • Gen Am accent training with Paul Meier
  • Setting Up Home Studio with Gravy for the Brain
  • Masterclass: How to Book the Job – Video Game Audition Sides
  • Ongoing training with the Voiceover Network and Gravy for the Brain

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