Cuckoos Ukulele Band

With lovely vocal and instrumental dynamics, showpieces, audience interaction and lots of fun we can bring great music, laughter and fun to you at your event. Depending on what the event is and where it is will depend on price so please contact me for a quote.

Ukulele Tuition

Four-week online starter 1 to 1 course:

Price includes:

  • 1 full hour each week at a time convenient to both of us.
  • Supporting YouTube videos
  • All music, chord charts and other supporting documentation
  • Recorded Zoom sessions to keep and to practice to
  • What you will learn:

  • How to tune your Uke
  • A least 16 Chords – the most widely used
  • At least 15 songs
  • Basic Strumming techniques
  • Basic Finger picking techniques
  • Further 1 to 1s

    If you’ve taken the 4-week starter course you will be entitled to further 1-to-1s at a cost of £50 per session whether you want them weekly, fortnightly or the odd refresher. All Zoom sessions will be recorded for your own personal use to practice and all music provided.

    One-Off 1 to 1s

    For one-off 1 to 1s and if you haven’t taken the 4 week starter course each lesson will cost £60 per hour. All Zoom sessions will be recorded for your own personal use to practice to. All music will be provided plus supporting videos and supporting documentation.

    Join a Group Online Session

    Once you have learned the basics, wherever you have learned them, feel free to join a group online ‘improvers’ lesson that runs each week on a Tuesday night from 7pm until 9pm. Pay only for what you attend. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great way to interact with other players. Each session runs for 2hrs, and includes:

  • All your music
  • Recorded zoom sessions for practice in your own time
  • Advanced strumming techniques
  • Advanced Fingerpicking techniques
  • New songs
  • Riffs
  • Weddings

    Let me help make your day extra magical. I can be with you all day from performing a song or two in the church of the Bride and Groom’s choice through to performing as background music during the wedding breakfast and then right through to the evening. Alternatively, you can book me just for the church or reception or evening. Whatever suits you. Costs include meeting with the bride and groom and any conversations thereafter, to tailor the music for your special day. For the church songs, I can sing anything from Ave Maria to She Taught me to yodel. Please contact me for a quote.

    Sounds of the 40s

    I can bring to life the wonderful sounds of the fabulous era. I can be background music at an event or the main act singing and playing all the favourites and I can also tailor the set to suit if given enough time. Please contact me for a quote.

    Sounds of the 50s

    As background music or the main act let me bring these iconic songs from this era to life also. I can tailor the set to suit if given plenty of time. Please contact me for a quote.

    A Taste of Country

    If you are into your country music then I’m the gal for your event. Playing old favourites and new hits you’ll be kicking your heels and line dancing throughout. I can also tailor the set for your event given enough time. Please contact me for a quote.

    Corporate Yodelling Workshops


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