Radio Presenter

I’ve been a radio presenter for for 10 years. I produce all my shows and record them from my home studio. I have also produced and recorded documentaries. I have two radio shows and two podcasts.

The Boudoir Bluegrass Show is a foot-tapping hour of some of the best UK and European bluegrass but with a healthy does of bluegrass music from around the world thrown in as well as some Old Time and Newgrass music. It is aired every 4th Thursday of the month at 8pm, repeated on the Friday at 4pm.

Country Legends Show is a documentary-style show where I share with you the lives and music of two different legends of country music. It is aired every 2nd Friday of the month at 8pm, repeated on the Saturday at 5pm.

The Power of Music and Voice: In this podcast, I talk to many industry professionals and non-professionals on the power of music and voice for good mental health and general wellbeing about what it means to them and how it ua used. My passion is to raise awareness of their power. They can bring harmony, joy, peace and so much more to our lives and to the lives of others when their power is embraced. Join me on this wonderful journey through music and voice.

Bands in the Boudoir Podcast: On my radio shows I play some fabulous music from musicians and bands around the world. In this podcast, I find out all about the artists behind the music with a very relaxed and fun chat

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