Have you picked up the reissued Children’s Bluegrass Album?

I’ve had had a lot of happy mums and children since the re-release of my Children’s Bluegrass album which has, in turn, made me very happy. It’s nice to see that people are continuing to download and enjoy it and are continuing to confess that they have done the Ostrich Dance, Kangaroo bop and bounced around like Bunny Jack whilst their children look at them quizzically.

For those of you who have little ones but don’t know, this is my pre-school Bluegrass style music album. With original songs such as Bunny Jack, the Ostrich Dance, The Kangaroo Bop and the Lullaby Little Stars alongside popular favourites such as Wheels on the Bus, Wind the Bobbin Up and Sleeping Bunnies all reacorded live in the studio with foot-tapping bluegrass instrumentation, you and your little ones will have fun.

You can pick up your copy online from Itunes, Amazon, and Spotify