The Power Of Music And Voice: Episode 4 – Chez Annetts

The recent episode on The Power of Music and Voice has me chatting to a wonderful lady, Chez Annetts who has kindly shared her very personal story on how, through her condition TES (Thorasic Endometriosis) suffered a collapsed lung and if it wasn’t for music, and through her singing through which she gained a very strong diaphram, she would not have recovered so well, if at all.

It’s not very commonly diagnosed but thanks to Chez sharing her story, more women could perhaps become more aware and seek help if they think they need to. Here’s the link to this podcast series that I’m extremely proud of and hope that you get a lot from it too. Please feel free to share.

The next episode will feature the wonderful Schlordts who entertained us so wonderfully during lockdown with their zany unrehearsed music videos. We discuss mental health and how lockdown affected many of us and how music helped them and their followers – details of which are below!