The Power Of Music And Voice: Episode 8 – Emma Jane Taylor – Her Story as a Child Sex Abuse Survivor

Emma-Jane is an author, speaker, social entrepreneur, mentor, personal trainer and an activist focused on reducing child sex abuse.

She is the voice for many hearts across the world. She is not afraid to speak out on the subjects that many people find taboo.

A survivor of child sex abuse herself, she was headlined in The Sun newspaper in 2020 with her personal story and is now writing her second book focused on reducing child sex abuse. She is determined to not hide away from the conversations around Child Sex Abuse and recently gave comment to The Bill Cosby case in Grazia magazine.

In this episode you can hear her very personal story. Emma Jane is a prime example of how you can use your VOICE to make a difference. She is such an inspirational woman who has faced so much adversity but who has come through it all to help others in so many ways.

For more information on Emma Jane please visit her website